Thursday, June 25, 2009

Latino Ice Anyone??

Eekk has it been two months since my last blog?? I am such a freakin slacker! I have been really busy..but not creatively! Shame on me, shame shame! I go the blogs of all of my creative friends and I go into a downward shame spiral! Am I lacking passion, or just time? I think that its the time thing. I have recently been throwing myself into another business venture...Italian Ice..yes yes I know I am a Chicana, but food shows no discrimination! It welcomed me with open arms, as it always does! My only problem is getting high on my own supply...but can you blame me? We make mango, pina colada, lemon, cherry pineapple...resistance is futile!
My sister making a funny face...she's gonna be pissed if she sees this! Oh well I can run faster than her!

The farmers market circuit has been good to us! We are also hoping to have arts and crafts venders at our local farmers markets...they are really poppin in the summer and fall. I mean how awesome would it be to get green chili and some great art and jewelry in one place! The fee to join is only $8.00 for the day. How great is that? Art shows are charging way to much these days 2 to 3 hundred dollars..ouch! I am not doing any this summer, I just don't have the money or time! And I have to admit that I have been spending allot of time living it up with friends..perfecting my cumbia..and cupid shuffle! I also took an intensive family therapy course,(for school that is... my family does not need therapy...yet!) and have spent some quality time with my boys! I taught arts and crafts at the San Clemente vacation bible school, and I am doing a couple of classes at the local art maybe my creative juices have been flowing! I will send out good Mojo to those of you braving the art show craziness, and to those of you that are creating just for fun, my admiration! Cheers!