Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring has me sprung!

EEEE Ahhh Laaa! It's been so long! How have you all been? I have missed you all! Ricky Martin wasn't kidding when he wrote the song "Livin la Vida Loca". My life has been filled with so much running around, that if life were fair I'd be bien flaca right now! After the end of April, things should calm down, and I can venture forward with art and Italian ice! That's right it's festival season! There are events and car shows a plenty, and I'm planning on making some moola! Someone's got to support my makeup habit! Believe me it takes a lot of money to look this cheap!
So in the past few months life has been full of adventures! My darling husband and I accompanied my BFF and her hubby to San Antonio TX for a gallery show that featured her and two other artists with the same name. It was called Las Tres Carolina Flores'. Let me tell you that this show was amazing! They had great Mexican hour' devours' , a bar tender serving wine, and the best lime agua fresca in the world, and also a jazz band! I felt so fancy! I rubbed elbows with artists art collectors, and art appreciating common folk! Her art was a hit! The show was a great success, and the celebration that we had on the San Antonio River walk was even better! It was a great experience, and the whole trip was a gift from our best friends. Can you believe that? We had the best time, and did so much in the 3 days that we were there, all of which involved ice cold Bud Lights!
In local news, my sister and I purchased a concession trailer, so that we can sell our La-talian Ice at larger events. We are very excited...It has air conditioning! No more sweaty scooping! Yay me! I am praying that the recession lifts and business will boom! Times have been hard, and mama needs some new bras!
I am also going to do the impossible, and get back on the wagon. I need to drop some serious poundage! Any know if the miracle skinny pill is FDA approved yet? I am totally willing to be a lab rat for that one! If anyone has any tips or info on whats working for them I'd love to hear um! I simply cannot trust my own judgment when it comes to dieting! As for now my darlings, I'm off to clean up a mess involving my middle son and some spaghetti O's! Until next time, be nice, eat ice, and let the good times roll!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Where the hell have I been??

Well I'm back! And I'm completely unsure If I have any more readers! I am ashamed to say, that laziness, and an unhealthy addiction to facebook is to blame. I have done a couple of shows and this year has not been as good as the last. I understand that the economy is affecting many artists and crafts people, but it is a tough pill to swallow! Selling handmade items and art is a tough business! Every fall I am so stressed about having enough inventory, that it seems I miss out on enjoying my favorite time of year. This Holiday season has flown by, and I still have buying, wrapping, and baking to accomplish! My Etsy shop is empty, and instead of handbags and art, my photo albums are full of ridiculous party pictures. My life is crazy! Crazy fun to be exact! I have always done this...I choose to relax, and enjoy life, rather than work at it! I know living for the moment is great, but I need that motivation and gumption that it takes to succeed! Where the hell is it? These days I spend more time on my hair, than I do art! I know getting a good bouffant is arguably art, but still, I need focus, inspiration, and motivation! I have recently been looking at other artists blogs, and WOW! Their sites are filled with inspiring work, amazing writing, and motivation. Where is mine? Has the blog fairy totally forgotten me? Santa you too? I need some ganas, some energy, and some inspiration! Anyone got any for sale?? Ahh never mind, I'm tapped out from the holidays...maybe the new year will bring me all that I'm lacking, maybe just maybe motivation will come, and I will be open to receiving it! Thanks to all my crazy art friends who keep me going, my crazy kids who keep me cleaning, my crazy husband who is always lending me a creative hand, and to everyone else who inspires me with laughs, complements, and words of encouragement! Blessings to all of you this Christmas....and may everyone have an art filled new year!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Latino Ice Anyone??

Eekk has it been two months since my last blog?? I am such a freakin slacker! I have been really busy..but not creatively! Shame on me, shame shame! I go the blogs of all of my creative friends and I go into a downward shame spiral! Am I lacking passion, or just time? I think that its the time thing. I have recently been throwing myself into another business venture...Italian Ice..yes yes I know I am a Chicana, but food shows no discrimination! It welcomed me with open arms, as it always does! My only problem is getting high on my own supply...but can you blame me? We make mango, pina colada, lemon, cherry pineapple...resistance is futile!
My sister making a funny face...she's gonna be pissed if she sees this! Oh well I can run faster than her!

The farmers market circuit has been good to us! We are also hoping to have arts and crafts venders at our local farmers markets...they are really poppin in the summer and fall. I mean how awesome would it be to get green chili and some great art and jewelry in one place! The fee to join is only $8.00 for the day. How great is that? Art shows are charging way to much these days 2 to 3 hundred dollars..ouch! I am not doing any this summer, I just don't have the money or time! And I have to admit that I have been spending allot of time living it up with friends..perfecting my cumbia..and cupid shuffle! I also took an intensive family therapy course,(for school that is... my family does not need therapy...yet!) and have spent some quality time with my boys! I taught arts and crafts at the San Clemente vacation bible school, and I am doing a couple of classes at the local art maybe my creative juices have been flowing! I will send out good Mojo to those of you braving the art show craziness, and to those of you that are creating just for fun, my admiration! Cheers!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth day show

Happy Earth Day Everybody!

I am writing this blog post while cooking dinner, and listening to my husband snort and sniffle his way out of allergy-ville. Poor little fella! I think that as beautiful as the spring time is, it's also a time of craziness. Allergies, cleaning, planting..and my favorite ...out door shows! Yikes! Now let me just say this, I am a brown girl, very brown, I mean I have a this point I figured that I no longer could burn, but alas I am wrong again! I did an earth day show this past weekend and I turned into a Chola Chicharone!! My feet are striped from my baby dolls, and I have a tan beard on my face...(Tan beard : A strange phenomenon that occurs when a silly Chicana refuses to remove her sunglasses, and tans only the lower half of her face and nose, causing the appearance of a brown Five O' clock shadow). What the heck??? How can I be fancy whilst sporting a beard?? At least I can wax my mustache, but a tan beard? No dice!

All that roasting, and I hardly made any money! I did however have a good time! I really wanted to debut my loteria jewelry with a bang, but again Wrong-O! This was not my crowd of customer! Don't get me wrong the event was cookies..Starbucks samples..marshal artists, a hula hoop dancer..and even the comedy stylings of Goldie Garcia (she is famous for awesome bottle cap jewelry)! But although the entertainment was a plenty, the sales were not!

Carolyn from Flores Originals (Sigfried to my Roy) did much better than I, but still not her usual massive sales. I think I even overheard a lady call my Guadalupe bags blasphemous! Can you believe it..I call it functional devotional art! To each his own I guess. Either way..I had some fun, and this show was the push I needed to get started on my Loteria jewelry. On the bright side, I have plenty of inventory for my next show..yay me!

Flores Originals set up.
Some more of my stuff...

Carolyn's Bettie Page Box(I call her Deady page..get it?)

Marielena & Jayden -Mari is a Flores Original...
Pablo and Shatangy aka Lorena my god-daughter -also both Flores Originals. Wait where the heck are my kids???

Oh and I'd like to send a shout out to Cody Smith-Candelaria... Thanks so much for the Wicked Twilight are the bomb diggidy!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Artistas son locos!

Happy Good Friday everyone! I have been very busy this month and I am sorry to say that I have neglected my blog..but I'm back and full tales to tell from the trenches of the Dia de los Muertos show in Bernalillo! Yes I know my set up looks a little Sanford and Son, but I am working on my merchandising as we speak! On the first day of the show, I was in a dark and cold corner, and sales were very slow in fact that I was ready to give up on all artistic ventures, and apply for a job at my local Walmart! It hurts when you have worked you fingers to the bone, and get nothing but a few polite smiles, and the obligatory "can I take a card?". I have to tell you, after a few hours of this I get a little delierious, the lack of sleep takes over, and I get poquito loca! Luckily, I am never in my craziness alone...Carolyn from Flores Originals is right there with me, and together our mayhem erupts, and spreads to neighboring vendors! ( By the way she kicked but at this show...everyone was walking around with her Calavera bracelets.) You see Mrs. Flores and I have a long and sorted past together...we started off many years ago making junkie crafts, and attempting to sell them at small church craft shows, and even once the local flea market! Needless to say we were not a success at selling, but we were highly successful at freaking out the little old ladies that were sitting by us, selling ceramics and quilts! We go straight into crazy talk, and enjoy our day regardless of our poverty!! But here it was a different story...Our delirious banter did not scare or fellow vendors...they joined in! In fact, these Artists were just as crazy as us! We have found our people! I felt like I was a high school kegger, and not an art show...and I liked it!
Donna Lea a.k.a. the Potholder Queen was located to our left. Her potholders are fabric hotcakes! She has a real talent for mixing fabrics, and she rules her potholder kingdom with kind and gentle hand. She called us the "crazy girls", and we worked very hard that weekend to live up to our names! Need wicked potholders?? You know you Donna at

I didn't get the card of this awesome lady, but we called her the Hippie glass lady. She makes jewelry, kaleidoscopes, glass hangings, and so much more! Her stuff was beautiful, and her stories were even better! We shared a couple of cigarettes (her treat),and some good times! She had tales of Woodstock, and being banned from Disneyland because of her hippi-ness! Oh yeah, she is also the owner of a tricked out Honda Accord...her Honda is embellished with buttons, bottle nipples, troll dolls, plastic figurines, and various other gotta love this lady!

Here we have Diego, he is a wicked bad artist and carver..and glitter hemp guy extraordinaire! He asked the question "Why are artist so weird?" My theory is that since artists are usually functioning in their right brain, (you know the creative side) their left brain, the side containing logic and reason, shrivels up and dies, leaving only weirdness and odd thoughts. This guy was a testament to that. He was a good time in a hat..and staying true to a good Chicano boy, he loved his mother! He talked so much about her cooking, that I plan to crash their next matanza! Hit him up if you need art of any kind..he does allot of image design for musicians, and he is also good with a tattoo needle or so I hear...Diego Gonzales 505-204-4936. Go Diego Go!

Ahhh...Josephine, Josephine...this chick is crazy! She makes the baddest..and I mean baddest jewelry and masks using feathers. She is also hilarious! She shares my passion for the Chola baby doll shoes, and even owned some with dragons! That right there makes her my hero! She told me the funniest stories about how she met her husband...and her early days in the barrio. I really dig this chick! You can see most of my friends in the Contemporary "Hispanic" Market in Santa Fe this summer. You can reach Joe right now at

I met so many cool people that weekend, and even sold some bags and jewelry, it was soo worth it. So alas, I am pulling my application from Walmart, and am venturing forward. I really dig these right brainers, and am totally curious to see what would happen if I added alcohol to the equation..would we get normal?? HA! I can't wait until our paths cross again..until then I will just stick to scaring the left brainers, and annoying the uptight.

Happy 4th Birthday to my Baby Boy Miguel!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

No LLores Vata..You cry you die!

Has anyone ever watched the movie Bound By Honor-Blood In Blood Out? It's awesome, and chalk full of Chicano-isms, that I can relate to my life on a daily basis. So, in true Fancy Chola fashion...I've decided to stop the bitching an moaning, and look at the bright side. So what if I got rejected by the Spanish what if I'm so broke I can't pay what if our truck got stolen? I'm here ain't I? I have good hair, & awesome family and friends, and if those things fall through I still have beer right? Recently I feel like life has been handing me a big can of "chinga tu madre"! (thank you Cruzito), but sabes que...the sun is out, and I'm looking forward to good livin. I have been taking some time off of the purse making, but it feels good to rest. I am waiting for some inspiration to hit in the form of new fabric, and the pin-up's are begging me to create them some new home girls. The weather is getting warmer, and it's almost torta de huevo, and natillas time of year. Things really aren't that bad! So all the bad JUJU can just kiss my flat butt! I am also hoping to get back on the Weight Watchers wagon...I need to lose some arm jiggle before summer hits! Even though my friend Carolyn (floresoriginals) has been very generous with her photo shop skills, I am troubled by the fact that my mirror does not have a slimming feature..what's up with that? I have to assume that god made me a gordita because he wanted me to develop my personality...or maybe I would be vain, and mean! Oh wait I am vain and mean..but in a good way! If I was still in a complaining kind of mood, I would tell you about the 70+ grey hairs that I have found, counted, and pulled from my 31 year old head...but I won't! I am smiling in spite of my recent drama, and that's all I could ever ask for!

My Valentine Flowers! Que Fancy!

Got any favorite Chicano-isms or ism's in general? I wanna hear them! Here are some of my favorites from the movie. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When it rains it pours! And by rain I mean CRAP!

Well this fine February week started of with a real bang! If you have read my blog before, you already know that I am so broke, that I have to put a hamburger on layaway. I have been in a creative slump, and now my husband and I are the victims of auto theft! Yes it's true..and terrible...and so very wrong! My husband is a contractor/plumber, and our work truck is our mobile office. He was under a house repairing a leak, when (oh the horror!) he heard his truck start! His employee dashed out into the street in hot pursuit of the hardened criminal, but was quickly left in the smoke of our newly repaired diesel engine. What? Can you believe it? We just put four thousand dollars into that truck in the last 3 months. His and his employees wallet were in that truck, along with both of there house, and vehicle keys. Not to mention our gas log for tax purposes, receipts, and some equipment. Ay Dios Mio! The criminal lets call him A** Hole...did do us the courtesy of detaching our utility trailer, in order to make a quick get away. He was apparently scoping out the scene, while my husband was hard at work under a house trying to make and HONEST living. What the heck people. I mean I'm just a squirrel trying to get a nut, and I can't seem to catch a break! I am grateful that everyone is safe..but bitter about my loss! To think that A**Hole is having a real laugh looking through my husbands wallet at our family photos, while heating up a turkey pot pie, and watching Cops with his stained wife beater, and dirty tube socks! I hope karma kicks his ass, and he realizes why! I know, I know, not very Christian of me, but I told you guys I was bitter! I have been praying my novina to San Antonio, finder of lost items, but who knows maybe this is meant to be a can of karmic whoop ass for me and my husband! I mean I think that basically we are genuinely good people, who live a good moral life, but hey that's just me grading my own paper...what if I think I am a witty little elf, with a gift for sarcasm, and I am actually a huge ass? If it is karma, it's definitely coming after husband is much to quiet and honest to do any cosmic damage. I don't know, random act, or cosmic sucks! I just hope my streak of bad luck, is over. I'm not used to this, my friend calls me Even Steven, because I always break even or end up ahead, I always get great parking at Costco, and usually everything works out in my favor..even if I don't realize it right away. Hopefully this is one of those times! I better take some precautions though, maybe I will try to ease up on the cuss words, and quit sneaking smokes in my garage. Any who, my rant is over, and my plea to the universe has begun. Send your good vibes my way if you have some to spare, and I'll keep on truckin, (oh wait! I have no truck!). Farewell old Friend..we'll miss you!