Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth day show

Happy Earth Day Everybody!

I am writing this blog post while cooking dinner, and listening to my husband snort and sniffle his way out of allergy-ville. Poor little fella! I think that as beautiful as the spring time is, it's also a time of craziness. Allergies, cleaning, planting..and my favorite ...out door shows! Yikes! Now let me just say this, I am a brown girl, very brown, I mean I have a this point I figured that I no longer could burn, but alas I am wrong again! I did an earth day show this past weekend and I turned into a Chola Chicharone!! My feet are striped from my baby dolls, and I have a tan beard on my face...(Tan beard : A strange phenomenon that occurs when a silly Chicana refuses to remove her sunglasses, and tans only the lower half of her face and nose, causing the appearance of a brown Five O' clock shadow). What the heck??? How can I be fancy whilst sporting a beard?? At least I can wax my mustache, but a tan beard? No dice!

All that roasting, and I hardly made any money! I did however have a good time! I really wanted to debut my loteria jewelry with a bang, but again Wrong-O! This was not my crowd of customer! Don't get me wrong the event was cookies..Starbucks samples..marshal artists, a hula hoop dancer..and even the comedy stylings of Goldie Garcia (she is famous for awesome bottle cap jewelry)! But although the entertainment was a plenty, the sales were not!

Carolyn from Flores Originals (Sigfried to my Roy) did much better than I, but still not her usual massive sales. I think I even overheard a lady call my Guadalupe bags blasphemous! Can you believe it..I call it functional devotional art! To each his own I guess. Either way..I had some fun, and this show was the push I needed to get started on my Loteria jewelry. On the bright side, I have plenty of inventory for my next show..yay me!

Flores Originals set up.
Some more of my stuff...

Carolyn's Bettie Page Box(I call her Deady page..get it?)

Marielena & Jayden -Mari is a Flores Original...
Pablo and Shatangy aka Lorena my god-daughter -also both Flores Originals. Wait where the heck are my kids???

Oh and I'd like to send a shout out to Cody Smith-Candelaria... Thanks so much for the Wicked Twilight are the bomb diggidy!


  1. looks like a blast..
    good morn....
    pretty pretty jewels ..
    have an awesome weekend
    mona & the girls

  2. Looks like you guys had so much fun! And the Betty Page Box is adorable <3

  3. I was hoping you would do much better, but I know that's the way it goes. Some shows kick butt, others don't. But hey the next Arte de Muertos show is in are doing it, right???? Has your chicharron tan faded? You had me crackin' up with that because I totally understand. I'm always striped up in the summertime. jeje Hey your Loteria jewelry looks great! Are you planning on putting some in your etsy store or gonna save it for the next show? I'd love to see it!
    And blasphemous Guadalupe bags? jeje...some people...babosos. You should have seen the year I decided to paint a Guadalupe in Muerto style. I called her a Mother for Everyone which meant that even the dead recognize her as their own. It was meant to be a loving and endearing image. But ohhhhh the comments I got! Church ladies by the dozens saying that my arte was "just wrong" and that I should be ashamed of myself. Although I wanted to tell them to go eff themselves, I just smiled and said "Well that's your opinion, but all art is subjective." I figured why waste my breath with an explanation to people who would never understand. Ahh yess...ugly people everywhere. Even church goers and Christians can be ugly. Anyways, keep it up. Your bags are beautiful and most people have sense enough to realize that!

  4. Hi Fancy. Ah, that's too bad you didn't have a lot of sales, but time around you will do great. Sounds though, like you had a lot of fun and that's what is important. Don't worry about what other people say, their just jealous. Have a great weekend and I hope your dinner went well and your hubby is okay from the sinus. My husband gets the same thing. Seeya!

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  6. Hi you

    I just want to let you know that I am closing my blog, and have moved all the creativ stuff to this adress:
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    Sorry about your sale.. Keep the spirit up.. I know that is hard..
    Lots of greetings from Sweden