Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Where the hell have I been??

Well I'm back! And I'm completely unsure If I have any more readers! I am ashamed to say, that laziness, and an unhealthy addiction to facebook is to blame. I have done a couple of shows and this year has not been as good as the last. I understand that the economy is affecting many artists and crafts people, but it is a tough pill to swallow! Selling handmade items and art is a tough business! Every fall I am so stressed about having enough inventory, that it seems I miss out on enjoying my favorite time of year. This Holiday season has flown by, and I still have buying, wrapping, and baking to accomplish! My Etsy shop is empty, and instead of handbags and art, my photo albums are full of ridiculous party pictures. My life is crazy! Crazy fun to be exact! I have always done this...I choose to relax, and enjoy life, rather than work at it! I know living for the moment is great, but I need that motivation and gumption that it takes to succeed! Where the hell is it? These days I spend more time on my hair, than I do art! I know getting a good bouffant is arguably art, but still, I need focus, inspiration, and motivation! I have recently been looking at other artists blogs, and WOW! Their sites are filled with inspiring work, amazing writing, and motivation. Where is mine? Has the blog fairy totally forgotten me? Santa you too? I need some ganas, some energy, and some inspiration! Anyone got any for sale?? Ahh never mind, I'm tapped out from the holidays...maybe the new year will bring me all that I'm lacking, maybe just maybe motivation will come, and I will be open to receiving it! Thanks to all my crazy art friends who keep me going, my crazy kids who keep me cleaning, my crazy husband who is always lending me a creative hand, and to everyone else who inspires me with laughs, complements, and words of encouragement! Blessings to all of you this Christmas....and may everyone have an art filled new year!!


  1. Hi Christina. You look like you are having a lot of fun in that picture. Hey, you only live once,, keep on enjoying yourself. I was on FaceBook for just a short time and then I noticed that I was spending too much time and decided to cut myself away from it. Having my blog is enough. Hey listen, have a Merry Christmas you and your family and great to see you, continue to enjoy your favorite time of year.

  2. I'm here reading still :) You need to live today like it's your last just like you are doing having fun and spending time with family, friends and crafting!

    Girl you are such a great person in that heart of yours! This year is going to be a bang for you...just keep doing what you do best is being you! Keep your head up I will spread some fairy dust on you when we see eachother haha!

    Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

  3. Hola, Fancy Chola!
    Christina, so glad to see that you are posting. Please don't keep us all waiting for another 6 months! Actually, glad to hear you are enjoying life and having a great time with family and friends! That's important too!
    You have a talent for writing. You make me laugh because your sarcastic wit really comes through and...I, for one, can appreciate it and love it!
    Hope you had a great Holiday Season and I wish you and your readers an inpsired and motivated 2010!