Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hola! Fancy Cholas (or Cholos, I don't discriminate!)

Welcome to my blog! Let's get down to the nitty gritty..who is this Fancy Chola? I am a mother of 3 boys, devoted wife, and creator of funk. I figured why not give this blogging business a try. I dibble dabble in the arts, but do not consider myself to be an artist. I would love that kind of talent but alas, it was not to be. So I work with what I got. I create reversible handbags, that feature Latin prints, pin-ups and kitsch. I ventured across the border and discovered some wicked cool mercado bags, that I then funktified with fabric embellishments and a little bling. All my handbags feature a flower because as my motto goes "A flower in the handbag or one in the hair, always adds a Latin flare!" I should also mention that I have a strange and deep seeded crush on the King himself..Elvis. I am working on a bag that features that handsome devil, it's called the Elvis Pursely. Get it? Presley...catchy right? Any who, my other ventures include my patron pin-ups, which feature 40's era esquire style pin-ups on a retablo style background. That's pretty much me, and what I do. I am stocking my etsy shop, and am abandoning craft shows! I had a bad experience recently (see floresoriginals for details).

I appreciate you stopping by and I hope you will stop in from time to read my wacky adventures of creating with limited talent, but endless inspiration!


  1. Of course I love your Awesome wicked handbags. I own one! I will be purchasing plenty of your unique patron pinups. Cant get those at Wal-mart, right? I'm glad to see your now a fellow blogger. Don't forget to check out the blogs that I follow, they are worth the visit! Well, off to shop at The Fancy Chola for my Christmas shopping.

  2. Hey girl, so glad to see you here and your etsy shop starting up too! All the best of luck to you. And I was really sorry to hear about that bad experience in the sNob Hill craft thingy. Things like that are ugly and it's hard not to let a few ugly people get us down. But trust me, all the shows are not like that. You've just gotta find the ones that have a classier more artsy crowd. Anyways, I look forward to reading more of your blog and it's good to see you here!

  3. absolutely love your designs!! beautiful. :)

  4. Hey Christina
    Love your bags. They are funny.. I the 40s to..
    Happy newyear to you..
    I will stop by again..
    Greetings from Sweden

    ps. My blog is in danish.. perhaps it look like dutch.. lol
    I have installed a translater.. maybe you can try it out..