Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Holiday Speed Way

What happened to my life? As a child Christmas seemed to freeze time. The anticipation nearly killed me! But now at days, where is the anticipation? I don't have time to anticipate anything, much less show up on time! Starting in October, I begin to feel like a paper airplane shooting through the next few months, only to land in the abysmal wasteland of the January let downs, just in time to start yet another doomed to fail new year diet. And believe you me, eating beef stick, and tamales for a month straight doesn't exactly set me on the right track. I make biscochitos and trust me that half pound of lard per batch, goes straight to my fanny pack (front butt, rolls, pansa..you get the idea).
Every year around this time, I plan to make great hand made items for my loved ones, HAHA that's funny right? Well it's the thought that counts. I was so motivated after the Dia de los Muertos show in Mesilla, I mean my creative juices were really flowing, but I was so tired, that I took a little break. I jump started my creative efforts for the Monte Vista show in Albuquerque, but all I got was ripped off and rejected. I sold a few patron pin-ups and some ornaments, but 30 bucks wasn't what I would call a successful show. What kind of world are we living in when a girl can't sell Blessed Mother Retablos?
I am really making an effort to stop, slow down, and enjoy whats left of the holiday season. I vow to do some baking this week, and even make a necklace or two. I have an order to fill for some ornaments, but I promise to not procrastinate and get overwhelmed. I WILL, by golly take a picture of my boys, and send out Christmas cards, and maybe even watch some Christmas Classics (Nestor the long eared donkey anyone?). Yikes! Listing all that, just caused me to hyperventilate a little! Where the hell is my paper bag? Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. Hi Christina
    Thanks for your comment on my blog..
    But I am not dutch :-) I am danish.. living in Sweden.. ;-)
    There is a translater on top to the left.. I know it is not perfect.. but maybe you can get an idea of what I am writing about..

    I love your handmade items.. just been on Etsy..
    There are beautiful..
    Welcome to blogger..
    see you soon
    hugs from Sweden

  2. And my name is also Christina.. *Smile*

  3. Hola Christina! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments about my art! Ai!!!! Me gusta su arte mucho! Regresare para leer sus blog regularmente! Come and visit often too! Take care, LuLu

  4. "What kind of world are we living in when a girl can't sell Blessed Mother Retablos?"
    Unfortunately it's a world where people will buy our retablos from Walmart for $5 bucks! I'm wishing that the year 2009 makes people more aware to start giving their business to the community of real artisans rather than making Walmart's pockets even fatter. Amen!
    Enjoy your holidays girl. I know I will. And diet schmiet! You look fabulous!

  5. Amen sister! It's a hard knock life selling handmade items! I just want people to appriciate the time,energy, and creativity, that it takes to make it in this crazy art world! And Pam, I saw my picture on your blog..great shamate..The Fancy Chola has a HUGE Cola!! Yikes!!

  6. Glorv1 said...Hi Christina, I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog. I couldn't leave a comment on your blog. So I just wanted to say those are very nice purses and welcome to blogland.

    Thanks so much, and I am looking into the problem, sorry for the trouble! Has anyone else experienced this??

  7. Glorv1 said...Hi Christina, I tried again and it just won't post. I tried posting under my glorv1 and under glorv1 google and even under my blog address and it wouldn't take my comment. I don't know why. In fact you comment section is different than others I leave comments on. If your blog from Blogger? That might be why. Oh well, sorry. Take care and have a great Xmas.

    Hmmm? Any ideas folks??

  8. Merry Christmas to you and your familia too Christina. And girl you look beautiful in that pic! So does Carolyn and I told her too! Now if you start reaching my proportions, then you'd better cool it. jeje
    Anyways, hope all is well in your world. Things are okay here. Could be a bit less stressful and I'd be grateful, but hey we're all healthy so I can't ask for me. Well, I can ask for more but I probably won't get it. jeje
    Take care girl...be well and all the best to your and your family.