Thursday, January 8, 2009

Aye ya yie...I'm broke!

Well first let me start off this blog by saying..HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELVIS! The king is gone but not forgotten. What an icon, what a looker, what an eater! A man after my own heart really!

So it's 8 days into the new year and I'm scared! What the hell happened to all the money? It used to miraculously appear in my bank account, and it just up and walked away. I mean I know we are facing tough times, but I never thought that it would hit my life so hard! I have never been a woman of means, but comfortable indeed. Now I'm cooking papa's and beans, and leaving no leftover wasted. My lip and eyebrow waxer has put my face up on a milk carton..(luckily no one will recognize me with this Magnum P.I. mustache), and ahh the fond memories of a pedicure are but a mere speck in the rear view mirror of my life. A trip to the movies is now a Lifetime flick on the couch, and I have turned into the energy Nazi, punishing the wasteful boys that dare leave the lights on in an empty room. I guess I could look at the bright side, the new budget has no room for eating out, so I may just turn this cash loss into some pounds lost! The lack of entertainment funds, could force me to back to my sewing machine, and hey maybe poverty will make me into one of those brilliant starving artist types! Either way I gotta keep on truckin. I guess that things could be worse, I could have a beard that coordinates with my stash right? For now, I'm skating on thin ice, but hey at least I'm skating! Colorado..thin ice!
Oh yeah, I'd like to say a special thanks to Carolyn for the shout out that she gave me on her blog, (Mi Vida Loca) check her out, not only is she a good friend, but her art is bad ass!


  1. Hola Christina! Aie! Caramba! I wanna go to New Mexico right now! I was there about 15 years ago, traveling by van from Florida to California and I loved it! I drove from Quebec to the Yucatan Peninsula 3 times, we travelled through the entire country in Mexico and I am nuts about el pais, la gente, el arte, la comida, toda! I totally understand your worries about economy and I think this will be a good year to start or restart doing things to make everything better. Hey! You could make some extra dinero with this mustache, maybe open a booth on the side of the road and become the new Bearded Lady! I kinda like the fact that people are more aware of the precarity of everything now. Maybe they will finaly understand that what counts his health and family. Hasta luego! LuLu

  2. Hey there girl!!! I am a huge Elvis fan my self:) I know times are getting a little tough...dont worry, things will get better, they always do:) Keep doing your art, and living life to the fullest. Its okay if the lights have to be off while your doing that...candles bring a beautiful light anyway ;)

  3. Keep positive thoughts, do you speak spanish?.. Well, is great to visit this wonderful blog..! nice to meet you! Lunara.

  4. You can worry yourself sick, that never changes anything. Trust me!! You know how I worry about everything. As a kid my Grandma would tell me, "Your such a worry wort!" Whatever that is, sounds ugly though now that I think about it. And was it wort or wart? hmmmm I better call and ask her.
    Anyway, 'TIME' in time things will get better. But the wait and anticipation, thats what makes us worry. The unknown! But guess what? It won't be that way forever. Like you always tell me, "concentrate on the good in your life, not the bad." And really thats all you can do. Enjoy what you have and just go head on with whatever comes your way! 2009 what will it bring? I don't know
    Right? lol Ok..

  5. I think we are all hurting right now. They say it will get worse before it gets better.Lets just be thankful that we have our family. Try not to worry too much, everything works out. Take care and God bless.

  6. Hello Chrissy, I really enjoy reading your blog and I see that you have 6 followers. I was wondering if you were going to update your blog any time soon?

  7. Well you are beautiful and funny and have a mustache; who needs money.



  8. Oh my gosh do I ever HEAR you on this blog! I am so broke that it's not funny! What a time to try and make a living as an artist. I want to get a fulltime job but the hubby is against it...he wants me to focus on my art. Is he not cool? ; ) Anyways, let's pray for a better economy and some carne with our arroz y frijoles this year! Ahuuuaaaa! jeje