Monday, February 2, 2009

Hola Otra Vez

Well, I'm's been a rough couple of weeks. I am operating on stress, and ibuprofen, and I am in a funk...and not the good Studio 64 kind. I mean the kind of funk where your down, and lack the "ganas" to create or do anything. I did however get talked into trying out for the Santa Fe Spanish Market..ahem..I mean the contemporary Hispanic market. I know there is a big difference..the "traditional" artists usually point it out. Not all of them just the snotty's that think contemporary art is a lower rung on the artistic latter. To them I say guffaw. Contemporary art is Art on steroids! It is art that has yet to be discovered..colors that scare the faint of heart, and grab the looker by the coller and say "can you handle this!". But I digress, back to the funk, and Santa Fe Market. I entered three bags, not my best work just three bags that I had yet to sell. I figured hey why the heck not? But now here I sit waiting to be judged and possibly rejected! REJECTED!!!!!!! What was I thinking? Can I handle a funk and a rejection?? Will I ever recover, or will I have to end my tumultuous relationship with my fickle sewing machine for good? Whatever the outcome is, I have no choice but to take it like a lady. A bitchy, fit throwing, potty mouthed lady! Now if I do get in, I can only hope that it brings me a wave of motivation, to get creatively crakin' once again. Pray for me guys! O yes...suggestions on funk busters are greatly appreciated!


  1. Your for sure in!! Your purses are unique unlike anything that they have there! I'm so not worried for you. I think that you need to get on the ball and start them because your gonna need a lot of purses to keep up with demand! So DO IT!! GO ON NOW!!

  2. Well, I love your bags and if you get rejected (which I don't think will happen), just remember that the old always reject the new.



  3. ey Fancy como estas? gracias por la visita y tus coments tan chidos,,,,,the purses u make are soo cool,,,,keep moving forward,,,eso de la wave of motivation!!! suena muy bien

    I hope that everything will go well, you just have to ask the universe,,,,y se te concedera
    has leido sobre la ley de atraccion?


  4. I wish you all the luck and I know you will do great. Your purses are awesome. Good luck and take care. Glad you are back.

  5. After a stressful week, do what I do: have a little cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate. Works for me!

  6. Hey girl! No worries, I am sure you are in, your creative, fun and talented. If you dont get in, that's okay, at least you did something different and took a little risk.

    I think we all get into the winter blues..I havent been cranking out as many pieces as I once was. I bet as soon as spring comes and the little birds are chirpping it will all work out!

    Take Care! All will work out:)
    -Peachy Cheek

  7. Hej Christina
    Did you hear anything? I am crossing my fingers for you..
    I am also waiting for approval to a swedish market..
    And your right.. what if we get rejected.. I did not even think about the possibility..
    Hmm.. I will get the answer in 14 days or so..
    Have a nice weekend..

  8. you are so totally awesome that if you did get rejected they probably don't deserve you.
    and thank you for that comment. its the best advice i've heard in so long!! much love. :)

  9. Oh my gosh! Girl I'm so glad you entered your bags! The more representation for different forms of artwork the better! Contemporary traditional..whatever. Art is art no matter in what form. Some of those people are so stuck up! But anyways, hope things are going well with you. I always enjoy reading your blogs!
    Take care,