Friday, February 20, 2009

No LLores Vata..You cry you die!

Has anyone ever watched the movie Bound By Honor-Blood In Blood Out? It's awesome, and chalk full of Chicano-isms, that I can relate to my life on a daily basis. So, in true Fancy Chola fashion...I've decided to stop the bitching an moaning, and look at the bright side. So what if I got rejected by the Spanish what if I'm so broke I can't pay what if our truck got stolen? I'm here ain't I? I have good hair, & awesome family and friends, and if those things fall through I still have beer right? Recently I feel like life has been handing me a big can of "chinga tu madre"! (thank you Cruzito), but sabes que...the sun is out, and I'm looking forward to good livin. I have been taking some time off of the purse making, but it feels good to rest. I am waiting for some inspiration to hit in the form of new fabric, and the pin-up's are begging me to create them some new home girls. The weather is getting warmer, and it's almost torta de huevo, and natillas time of year. Things really aren't that bad! So all the bad JUJU can just kiss my flat butt! I am also hoping to get back on the Weight Watchers wagon...I need to lose some arm jiggle before summer hits! Even though my friend Carolyn (floresoriginals) has been very generous with her photo shop skills, I am troubled by the fact that my mirror does not have a slimming feature..what's up with that? I have to assume that god made me a gordita because he wanted me to develop my personality...or maybe I would be vain, and mean! Oh wait I am vain and mean..but in a good way! If I was still in a complaining kind of mood, I would tell you about the 70+ grey hairs that I have found, counted, and pulled from my 31 year old head...but I won't! I am smiling in spite of my recent drama, and that's all I could ever ask for!

My Valentine Flowers! Que Fancy!

Got any favorite Chicano-isms or ism's in general? I wanna hear them! Here are some of my favorites from the movie. Enjoy!


  1. Immigration officer: Read my lips, El Paco. Where were you born?
    Rudy: I was born in East L.A., man.
    Immigration officer: Sure, sure. If you were born in East L.A., then who's the president of the United States?
    Rudy: I-I don't know, that guy, that guy who was on T.V., the guy in the cowboy hat... he used to be on "Death Valley Days"... uh, John Wayne!

  2. La Bamba
    Ritchie Valens: This is like my high school prom.
    Bob Morales: Yeah. Except this prom puts out.

    Buddy Holly: The sky belongs to the stars.

    Rosie Morales: He doesn't want a wife. He wants a love slave, one that he can kick around.

    Bob Morales: Come on Rosie, take a hit man! Put a little mota in our love life!

    Rosie Morales: That's my Bob, always thinking of others first.

    You've been screwed, bruised & tatooed!!

  3. Ha! I had to laugh. I grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood and all my friends tell me I'm only white on the outside.
    And I can share some of my booty with you!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Gimme some chon chon...........

    Oh wait, is this blog PG?
    Girl, you had me cracking up. My kids know this movie word for word. Yes, I let them watch movies about vatos, prison yards, men on men......... oh never mind.
    Glad to hear you are grabbing life by the bollas, and turning it around!


  5. a toda madre ,,,,,o un desmadre,,,,,,,im a big fan of this movie,,,,,,,,but the number one!! is
    Santana american me? del maestro Olmos,,,,,,
    y sabes ke,,,,,,,,,,,
    do not worry, it does not rain forever......

    thanks for visiting,,,,,,and i hope, todo te salga bien, ten un buen dia,un dia fancy.

  6. hi girl! Just wanted to say hi..have heard from you lately or seen any new posts.

    I hope all is well!!!

  7. Hi, just visiting blogs and thought I would stop by and say hello. Hope you have a great weekend.

  8. Ola Chike, I like ur style. I'm afraid my spanish is weak as well as my french but - ur blog rocks. Maybe if ur interested u could check out mine, I'm main a writer and craftasaurus as Coralene would say...

  9. Hi,
    No I haven't watched this movie...I will.
    And be life as is...and enjoy...we only have one to live...why not live it the best we happy.